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The PM-Applet is a reference-implementation of a Project Management Front-end. It allows a user to utilize the project management features of the Plan Manager (PM) and the change-management facilities of the Redux-agent. The main window presents the user with a project view in form of a Gantt-chart. It allows to browse and modify the current plan and schedule. Thus it resembles common project-management-software while using ProcessLink to add support for collaboration, dynamic re-planning and rescheduling. The Applet is an extension of ReduxApplet, which was designed to provide a front- end for the Redux-server alone. PMApplet can also be extended to implement advanced or domain-specific project management functionalities. It can thus be used as a generic agent-wrapper for agents that want to use the PM and the ProcessLink-system.

Andreas Raquet
Thu Oct 29 11:09:33 PST 1998