PM Protocol

Communication with General Agents*

 Agent to PM From PM to Agent
Ask-All  Reply
ScheduleTask InvalidTaskInfo
RequestInputs RequestInput
RejectInputs RejectInput
RequestOutputs  RequestOutput
RejectOutputs  RejectOutput
RequestResources  RequestResource
RejectResources RejectResources
ProtestDuration ProtesteDuration
RefuseTask RefuseTask
*Note, that the communication between the PM and Redux' only uses the generic Redux' api as documented here.

Constraints and Violations declared by the PM

Constraint Violation
Resources Match TaskInfo <task> consumed non allowed resources
Inputs Match TaskInfo <task> used non allowed inputs
<task> did not use scheduled inputs
<task> used wrong inputs
Outputs Match TaskInfo <task> produced non allowed outputs
<task> did not produce scheduled outputs
<task> produced wrong outputs
Project Duration subsumes Task Duration project-duration exceeded
StartTime inside Schedule <task>: StartTime not in schedule
EndTime inside Schedule <task>: EndTime not in schedule
Task-Inputs subsume Subtask-Inputs  <task> subtasks consume inputs not allowed by supertask
Task-Outputs subsume Subtask-Outputs <task> subtasks produce outputs not allowed by supertask
Task-Resources subsume Subtask-Resources <task> subtasks consume more resources than allowed by supertask