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My first motor vehicle was a Honda 160 Dream, way back when I was a grad student. I'd always wanted a BMW but that was just a real "dream". I brought back a Honda 350CB from Japan and rode it all around the US and Canada. Finally, after eight years, a car pulled out in front of me I couldn't ride around and I quit for many years. Got a responsible job, had a family, settled down. I'm over all that now.

Now I like boxers/airheads. I rode a BMW R65 in Germany several years ago and then I moved to "the bay area" in '93. I discovered Cal BMW and the roads here, and the very best motorcycle in the world for me: an R80ST. It was my only motor vehicle from Jan 1994 to Jan 2001, combining commuting and a hobby. I joined BMW Northern California (NorCal) and they taught me a lot about riding the backroads and motorcycle camping. I now keep a drysack packed with my camping gear and can be off in 15 minutes. And I have never stopped at a Road Closed sign, though I have had to turn back. I also keep a bike in Europe and ride there in the summers. See the Eurotour entries below.

I am a member of the
American Motorcyclist Association
The Airheads Beemer Club No. 893,
the BMW Riders Association , and
BMW Northern California (NorCal).
I recommend the BMW-GS Mailing List if you are a new owner or have lots of spare email time.

Pictures and Trips

I have a R80G/S since late 2008.

In July 2009, I did a trip up to the MOA rally, then to Portland, then Orcas Island, Portland again, and back down the coast.

One of my 2009 trips included Uvas Road: July 2009.

Motorcycle tour of Baja in February 2009

I have been going to Burning Man since 1998 on my bike and in 2000, I started taking a shortcut across a Nevada desert. (In 2001, I took my daughter in her car and in 2004, I flew.) I frequent the Doc Wong Riding Clinic, especially when Keith Code gives us a free lesson. I recommend his racetrack courses.
I have done his course five times. I have also attended CLASS at Sears Point, April 2003,
and I believe I got much more instruction in Code's school. But they are both good, and fun.

In December 2007, I went back to Code's school and was very glad I did:

I also support the "Alice's Rider Day" whenever I am in town: here are pictures from August 2003 where I worked parking with Rebecca Shiny Spiky Thing, with whom I also rode to Burning Man with in 2003.

I started the Asphalt Trials at the BMW NorCal 49er Rally.

I also sometimes attend the European Meeting of the BMW Club Europa, e.V. The rally is a great one.

Cal BMW shop ride pictures from November 2002

Here are pictures from the 1994 and 1995 NorCal BMW 49er Rally.

I finally went to the Joust in 2000:
Pics by L.A. Cicero:
me resting on my bike
me after a hard night but ready to ride.

In 2000, I got my European R80ST and started making tours of the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and a even a little bit of France and Italy.
Eurotour 2000,
Eurotour 2001,
Eurotour 2002, and
Eurotour 2003.

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