1994 49er Trials

49er Rally English Trials


At the 1994 49er Rally over Memorial Day weekend, one of the events was English Trials. An impossible course was set up for GS riders to try. It consisted of several small sections. Each really was impossible and required modification before anyone could successfully navigate it.

Noemi Berry and I were watching and decided that we would, unofficially, try at least the very first section. I have one picture for each of our attempts, me on my ST and her on her R65LT (sort-of).

The hardest part of the first section was the last hill. I tried it going really fast instead of the proper slow method. The first time, I made it fine, staying within the course as marked by the red plastic ribbons staked on the ground. The second time, my feet came off the pegs and I lost control!(84Kb) You can see that one foot has snagged the ribbon. More important, I am now headed directly for the photographer, Ruby, who previously had thought herself safe. But all turned out well in the end.

Noemi eventually tried the slow method of hill negotiation and was successful. But first she tried the fast method. Her front wheel slid down behind the hill and NM was dumped on the right side.(128Kb) No harm was done. Everyone knows that she acquired an R80GS not long afterwards.


Noemi and I both entered riding her "Tweety" blue G/S. Noemi has documented this event. Two pictures follow that are bigger versions of the ones on her page.

Noemi on Course 4. (384Kb)

Noemi on the water hazard dogleg of Course 5 (352Kb) using a leg for counterbalance.


In 1995, I invented the asphalt trials as an optional event and in 1996, they were part of the official program. I also ran the English Trials on my ST and finished in about the middle of the pack.