3rd Keith Code - Doc Wong School

November 9, 1997

The Doc Wong classes are always good, but it's great when Keith Code gives a free lecture, as he has done in 1995, 96, and 97. In 95 and 98, this included a practice drill taught by Keith Code and Cobie Fair, Chief Instructor. Every student got to practice the drill and receive instruction.

The basic technique was described in MCNews. (Check out the Superbike school. I've attended - it's worthwhile.) The idea is to swerve by pushing with the opposite peg while keeping the body in the center of the bike.

My friend Linda Cicero did not have her BMW R80G/S yet and was on her Ducati 750Sport when Keith instructed her. I was swerving on my R80ST. Keith told me to lighten up on the bars. You can see the whole day.

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