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Baja California, MX is in the same time zone as California, USA. Baja California Sur is in the Rocky Mountain Time Zone.

Pictures are available from the linked dates below. See also the excellent pictures from Lee Damico and Robert Kennedy. (There are also pictures on Facebook by Neal Strickberger and Tammy Goodall but I don't yet have the public urls for those.)

WED 11 Feb
Odometer: 55169 mil.
Rode to Ventura with Lee.

THU 12 Feb
Ride to San Diego. Odometer 55707 mi. Knobbies installed at San Diego BMW

FRI 13 Feb
Meet up with Tammy and Tom. Travel San Felipe, MX.
Took 94 to Tecate and then east on Mex 2. Lunch at El Hongo. The wise man there said I was crazy to do that dirt road in its condition and everyone else agreed.

I took the dirt to Mex 3 while everyone else went east to Mexicali and then down the coast. The track I took is the same as this mountain bike trip except that at the south end, instead of turning east towards Ojos Negros, I took a track west to Mex 3, which is the normal way to get to San Felipe from Ensenada.
Panorama: high desert road.

I hit pavement around sunset and rode with the trucks and coyotes in the dark. Thank goodness for the lone gas station and attendent in Valle de La Trinidad. It took me a long time to find the hotel Baja Palms because it is actually 8 km before San Felipe. Then dinner with everyone in San Felipe to celebrate Linda's birthday.

SAT 14 Feb
We hang out at the vacation house near the hotel, disprove the myth that there is packed sand on the beach, and have a fantastic dinner back in San Felipe further celebrating Linda's birthday.

SUN 15 Feb
The road south from San Felipe is not paved past Puertecitos: rough and beautiful. We ride to Bahia de San Luis Gonzaga where we discover a gas station and stay at Alfonsina's.
Panorama: Alfonsina's Beach

MON 16 Feb
The dirt to the pavement is much better and we stop at Cocco's Corner. Then we ride to San Ignacio, stopping only to strap Linda's broken bag mount,and stay at Rice and Beans. We watch whales on Tuesday the 17th. Short video of a typical moment in whale watching. In the evening, we wandered around the very nice town of San Ignacio.

WED 18 - THU 19 Feb
Ride to El Rosario on the 18th. Note: there is no official gas between Guerro Negro and El Rosorio, which is 224 miles. There is unofficial gas at Chapala and Catavina. Lee's alternator rotor fails (diagnosed by Neal and Robert in the dark.) On the 19th, we lunch in Ensenada and ride through Tijuana back to Escondito to the BMW shop there so Lee doesn't have to ride all the way home depending upon the car battery we bought and fully charged in El Rosario.

FRI 20 - SAT 21 Feb
Easy ride to San Luis Obispo. The next day was a nice vacation ride up 1 back to Mountain View. A major stop was to see the Elephant Seals at Point Piedras Biancas just north of San Simeon. Video of seal pups playing.
Odometer: 57525 mi. Total trip: 2,356 mi.

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