July 16-19 Rode up through Mt. Shasta to Redmond, OR to attend the BMW MOA rally. Pictured is me riding in the English Trials. I also rode in the GS Trials but the pictures are of others, especially Brian Bennett on his X-Challenge. Then I headed up to Portland via Mt. Hood.

July 19-21 Then I visited my friend Heather who graciously showed me around the beautiful Columbia George area.

July 20-21 I rode up to Orcas Island, just across the water from Victoria Island, using the Ferry at AnnaCortez to visit Cloud who also graciously showed me the beautiful island and introduced me to her friends there. Afterwards, I rode back down to Portland and met more of Heather's wonderful friends and attended a great party. Portland seems like a really great place to live. At least in the summer.

July 22-23 I took a few days to ride back down the Oregon Coast. The prettiest part is south of Lincoln City. The dunes north of this are very unique though. Back in CA at Eureka, where I enjoyed the Lost Coast Brewery. This trip was freezing cold until 101 turned inland around Garberville. Then it was hot. Until it wasn't anymore near San Francisco.