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Photo Fabrication Materials

Copper-clad polymer flexible film:

Pyralux: DuPont Electronic Materials (Pyralux), Copper Clad Kapton. We have used Pyralux LF CopperClad kapton, which comes in single-sided and double-sided film.

Laminex: Copper clad polyester laminate. Mechanical properties are not as good as kapton, but it should be cheaper. Supplier in italy: Andreone Stefano at the plant which makes Laminex based in Ghisalba (Bergamo)(Italy) ISOLA S.p.A. Fabbricazione isolanti elettrici Via Del Lavoro 9 - 20032 CORMANO (MI) Italy Tel. ++39 02 61904.1 Fax ++39 02 66303298

FOPILEX Copper Clad Laminates, Coverlay, Adhesive Film

Arlon also makes a copper clad polyester laminate that we have used in the lab for making contact sensors and printed flex cables for our skin acceleration sensors.



DuPont sells a couple photoimageable films that can be bonded to the copper clad film: Pyralux PC & Riston. We have investigated using Riston for photoimaging our flex circuits, though we have not tried it yet. We were given the name of a local supplier that uses Riston by DuPont and advised to have them laminate the riston onto the copper clad flex circuit substrate (for best quality). The price we were quoted was nearly the same as buying a sheet of uncoated material (for example: a 18" x 24" 1-sided piece of Pyralux LF laminated with Riston cost ~$150).

We have had all of our material dip-coated with posistive photoresist by Injectorall. Initially, we spray coated our flex circuit material, but found dip-coating to provide a more uniform coat of photoresist.



Though adequate results can sometimes be obtained with a good laserprinter and transparency film, professional quality masks can be produced using a commercial printing place that has a linotron machine (see your yellow pages under "printing service bureaus").

An alternative might be to use iron on "Press-n-Peel" products by C.I.B.S. or Techniks.


PCB chemicals and supplies (etcher, developer, ferric chloride)

M.G. Chemicals


Datak PCB chemicals and equipment "L.K.G. Industries, Inc."

Gateway Electronics

general PCB supplies can be found at


Photoimaging Equipment
(UV lamp, Contact Frame, Chemical Trays, Etching Bath, Plastic Tweezers, Gloves)

M.G. Chemicals

Kepro -- chemicals, tools, tin plating, silk screen...


Resources, tips and tutorials:

M.G. Chemicals PC Board fabrication tutorial

DuPont microcircuit tips

Injectorall's instructions for 1-sided and 2-sided boards.

Minco's Flexible circuit design guide

Minco's guide to designing flex circuits for good design life.

Useful notes and table of film materials properties for flex circuits from Parlex.

Grimes Distribution, Inc. provides a useful supplier & product database for photochemicals and supplies


Products to Repair flexible circuits

CircuitWorks/Chemtronics Sell flexible conductive ink (silver filled) pens. Expensive, but they give 3 free samples on web site.


Comercial Flex Circuit products

Minco Flexible heating elements, sensors...



Flexible Circuit Screen Printing Materials

Conductive Ink Suppliers

Colotronics Website a bit misleading (Talking T-shirt). Contact by phone or e-mail. Extremely helpfull and knowledgable. Almost 30 years experience.

Creative Materials Inc Small selection of inks

Prestige Printing Products Not much on site. Conact by email or phone to get detail on products

Electra They sell a line of screen printable inks called electra'dor. Some of these inks are specifically formulated for flex applications. This line of inks includes flexible carbon based resistor ink and dielectric. Unfortunately, because the company is based in England they will not send out samples for evaluation. Sold in 500g containers (~$250/ for high conductivity silver ink)

Coates Circuit Products screen printable inks

Allied PhotoChemical UVGA UV curable conductive, resistor grade and dielectric grade screen printable inks.

Epoxies, Etc... Epoxies Inc. sells a wide array of adhesives. Among them is 40-3920 Electrically Conductive Flexible Ink

Chomerics, for EMI Shielding and Thermal Management Chomerics also make piezo-resistive screen printable ink (suffers from resistance drift problems at temp above 100 deg C and over lifetime.


Flexible substrate Supplier links (for screen printing)

DuPont Packaging: films Melinex, print treated mylar.


Photo-Emulsion Supplier links (for screen printing)

KIWOCOL - DIAZO EMULSIONS Many flavors of photo-senstive emulsions for creating screen stencils


Screen Press/Frame Supplier links

Majestech/Saati Industrial Screen Printing supplies. Good Reference site. Find a local sales and service rep.


Screen Printed comercial products

Interlink FSR based products

Spectra Symbol Flex sensors, force sensors, printed potentiometers and xy pads and membrane switches.

Tekscan FlexiForce pressure sensors

Abrams Gentile Entertainment Flex Sensors for computer glove interfaces.


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