Dextrous Telemanipulation Project

    Humans have a wealth of experience in manipulation tasks, but there are situations where it is infeasible or unsafe to place a human. (i.e. other planets, deep sea or hazardous environments). Dexterous telemanipulation enables a user to interact with the environment from a safe location. Our goal is to develop a telemanipulation system that allows a person to control a dexterous robotic hand in an intuitive manner. To achieve this we use the CyberGlove/Grasp to control a dexterous robotic hand. Our research has focused on calibrating the CyberGlove to an individual user and methods for mapping the human hand motion to robotic hand motion. Currently we are integrating concepts from dexterous manipulation to develop a supervisory autonomous control strucuture. Additionally, we are developing robust tactile sensing capabilities and new tactile display devices.

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