Weird Views

A simple plain-structured if not mannered blog with comments I have from time to time.

There is so much good stuff being written every day by smart people, why would I presume to add to it? Every once in a while I have a bizarre possibly incredibly wrong-headed, even loony, -oh wait, I meant to say creative - thought that I don't see out there and would like to throw out into the blogspace, at least for the record.

20 Jan 2018: Solving the problems of America
North America The Beautiful

25 Jan 2010: The Easiest Way to Reform Health Insurance
How to move congress to action.

30 Nov 2008: McCain - the True Patriot
How John McCain saved the republic.

18 Jul 2008: Oil for Everyone
Fight the Oil-owning terrorists at home.

22 Mar 2008: Outsource the War - Locally
We all win.

15 Apr 2007: Bush is smart like a narcisist.
He can't lose

12 Sep 2006: Suck in the insurgents so we can fight them like a real army
Retreat and Fight

14 Aug 2006: The Iraqi resistance could just fade away.
Stop the War - Give a Car

15 Mar 2006: Give a terror suspect a nice home.
It's the Terrorist Network, Stupid

10 Oct 2005: Why Bush is less like McCarthy and more like an inexperienced kid on a hot motorcycle, with us as the hapless nymphette on back.
The Bush Phenomenon

5 Oct 2005: Bush may have steered our supertanker of a country so close to the rocks that the Democrats are refraining from trying to be at the helm when it crashes.
Why Democrats Don't Try to Win