Shape Deposition Machining Tutorial

The following tutorials and process information are divided into 3 main catagories.
  1. Design & CAD model Creation
  2. Materials
  3. Manufacturing
For detailed information as to how each part of the process is done here at Stanford select the link below to jump to the appropriate page.  For a broad general overview please reference the following links:  (see document page)

1. Design

Using Autocad & Mike Binnard's Software
Creating Single Step Geometries Manually

2. Materials

3. Manufacturing

Tool Paths from AutoCAD
Tool Paths in Unigraphics
Machining on the HAAS
Pouring Urethane

Old Table of Contents

Old                                                        New

Using Autocad
Tool Paths (Unigraphics)
Machining on the HAAS
Pouring Urethane (Graphical)