ProcessLink Project Management
with the
Plan Manager (PM) agent

and PM client applet

The Plan Manager (PM) agent will return a schedule of tasks, performing a critical path analysis, when given a set of requirements and tasks, with their expected resource consumption and duration and subtask relationships. It is capable of interacting with the artifact design plans and using artifact features in planning and scheduling, unlike current project management tools that rely on fixed precedence relationships among tasks.

The PM will interact with domain agents, constraint solvers in the CM, and Redux' (see the Processlink framework) in such a way as to permit dynamic rescheduling. CPM and Gantt charts can be generated, using resource and time constraints, and the Redux' agent can be used to dynamically revise the process plan as conditions and the design change. The PM (which may consist of a subsystem of agents) will allow designated domain-specific Design Manager agents to see the status of the project relative to a plan and to see or project the effects of changing the design or specifications on the plan. The PM agent works with PM client applet agents that may be downloaded from web browsers.