Previous Work:

Previous work is best summarized in the form of doctoral theses in which an important part of the observations was based on video observations, and in the form of sponsored research where video based observation techniques were employed. (Please note that the abstracts are very small files while the theses are very large files).

Doctoral Theses

1989 - John C. Tang (abstract - thesis)
Toward an Understanding of the Use of Shared Workspaces by Design Teams

1991 - Scott Lester Minneman (abstract - thesis)
The Social Construction of a Technical Reality: Empirical Studies of Group Engineering Design Practice

1996 - Vinod Baya (abstract - thesis)
Information Handling Behavior of Designers During Conceptual Design: Three Experiments

1997 - Adegboyega Oladipo Mabogunje (abstract - thesis)
Measuring Conceptual Design Process Performance in Mechanical Engineering: A Question Based Approach

1999 - Margot Felicity Brereton (abstract - thesis)
The Role of Hardware in Learning Engineering Fundamentals: An Empirical Study of Engineering Design and Product Analysis Activity

1999 - Derek Trent Reamon (abstract - thesis)
Educational Interactive Multimedia Software: The Impact of Interactivity on Learning

2000 - Tao Liang (abstract - thesis)
Mapping Experience: Understanding Socio-technical Knowledge Sharing in Product Development Communities

2001 - Samuel Yen (abstract - thesis)
Capturing Multimodal Design Activities in Support of Information Retrieval and Process Analysis


Generation and Conservation of Design Knowledge

- Design Reuse Experiments


- Synalysis Exercises
- Motor Workshop

ME210 Studies

- Video Documentary
- Paper Bike Studies

AEC 225 Studies

- Use of ReCall

Analysing Design - Delft Protocol Studies