DesignMan is a project at the Center for Design Research at Stanford University. It is the focal point of a collaborative effort between researchers in the areas of design methodology and representation, mechanical and electro-mechanical system design, rapid prototyping processes, MEMS processes and agent-based engineering.

The goal of this project is to develop the infrastructure to provide widespread access to 3D rapid protoyping services. For the purpose of our project, the definition of rapid protyping process has been expanded to include various layered processes in the commercial and research domains, nanofabrication processes, and constrained DSG-based machining processes.

This work is closely related to other past and ongoing projects at Stanford. These include the SFF and MEMS Unified Exchange Language (SAMUEL), the Process Open Description System (PODS), and the Rapid Virtual and Physical Prototyping (RVPP) projects.

Portions of this effort are funded by: