ProcessLink Papers

The Redux' Server
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Design Space Navigation
as a Collaborative Aid

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Using Pareto Optimality to
Coordinate Distributed Agents
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Combining Constraint Propagation and Backtracking
for Distributed Engineering
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Procura: A Project Management Model
of Concurrent Planning and Design

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Agent-Based Engineering, the Web, and Intelligence
Report (HTML)

ProcessLink Coordination of Distributed Engineering
Report (PostScript)

Agent-Based Collaborative Design of Parts in Assembly
Report (PDF)

MultiDispciplinary Early Performance Evaluation via Logical Description of Mechanisms: DVD PickUp Head Example
Report (PDF)

Model Sharing among Agents in a Concurrent Product Development Team
Report (PDF)

Agent-Based Project Management
Report (HTML) (PostScript)
A shortened version appeared as ``Agent-Based Process Management'' (PostScript)

JATLite: A Java Agent Infrastructure with Message Routing
Published Paper (PostScript) / (HTML) / Unabridged Version

Agent-Based Software Engineering
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