2001 European Tour with BMW R80ST


June-July 2001
This is, to a some extent, a repeat of my 2000 tour, so this report will occasionally refer to that one, and does not repeat detail covered in the previous one. These reports are not so much diaries but more motorcycling trip reports intended to help out someone who may want to try the same thing, without a tourguide.

Part 1: 21 June - 2 July
Getting the Bike
First Day on the Road

Part 2: 3-4 July 01
One Day to Konstanz
Reaching Tirol

Part 3: 5 July 01
The BMW Euro Club Meeting - An Easy Day

Part 4: 6 July
The BMW Euro Club Meeting - A Harder Day

Part 5: 7-8 July
The Road to Augsburg

Part 6: 9 July
The Road Back to the Alps

Part 7: 10 July
The Longest Day

Part 8: 11-13 July
Riding to Lindau

Part 9: 14-18 July
Crossing the DDR Border on the Way to Berlin

Part 10: 19-20 July
Fire, Fire, Fire on the Autobahn
Hamburg and Globetrotter Ausruestung

Part 11: 21-22 July
The Way Home

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