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Agile Cable Production Service (ACaPS) Project ABSTRACT

Warning: the ACaPS project is an on-going experimental project, and the Web pages and software associated with it have a tendancy to change. The project participants will try to keep everything current and synchronized, but no guarantees of accuracy, completeness, or anything else are stated, implied, or should be inferred.


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The goal of this project is to explore Agile Manufacturing with negotiation over the Internet. The project has focused on the cable manufacturing domain and will take advantage of an existing cable harness production facility at the Lockheed Missiles and Space Company in Sunnyvale, CA. An experimental software architecture is being developed to support the negotiation process over the Internet. This architecture uses the World-Wide Web as the medium of exchange, and Mosaic as the user interface.

This collaborative effort will build on the concepts of the Next-Link project at Stanford University's Center for Design Research, and apply the software tools now under development at Lockheed's Artificial Intelligence Center and Lockheed Advanced Manufacturing Technology group. Sandia National Laboratories will provide expertise from a customer perspective in the domain of cable design and manufacture.

The capabilties of the cable harness fabrication facility at Lockheed Missiles and Space Company are available as a cable production service. Information about this service is available to customers in the form of web pages, including a collection of forms that the customer completes and submits to request quotes for services. Various means are supported for the communication of actual design information, including email, FTP, and FAX. Design infomation may be in the form of screen images or CAD data conforming to standard formats (eg IGES, STEP, etc.)

Project Plans (1994)

ACaPS is a loosely structured project, and includes a collection of ad hoc meetings (minutes are available) and a series of exercises, the first of which occurred in August, '94. The work is on-going, and includes the following tasks:

Lockheed hopes to apply the outcome of this experiment to its other facilities, progressively expanding its network of agile facilities for both internal and external customers. For a detailed account of a foundation of ACaPS project, see the AIMS paper, published in Defense Manufacturing Conference '93.

Project Status



The ACaPS project is engaging in an open-ended series of exercises. The results of these exercises are available as on-line demos.


The ACaPS project represents a collaborative effort involving participants from There is a mailing list.

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