ProcessLink Staff

ProcessLink Project Staff


Mark Cutkosky - DSC Pincipal Investigator

Charles Petrie - Sr. Research Scientist

Heecheol Jeon - Ph.D. Student - developer of JATLite and the CM

Li Wang - CS Student - supporting PM and applets

Distinguished Allumni

Andreas Raquet -guest researcher - developed the Plan Manager and various agent applets and supported the JATLite router development.

Hisup Park - Research Associate - developed First-Link, and DesignRoadmap - now IdeaStorm

Sigrid Goldman -guest researcher - developed Procura.

Teresa Webster
- Research Assistant - developed Next-Link system including KAPI-based agents and message protocol.

Andrew Conru
- Ph.D. Candidate - developed First-Link CAD systems, especial cable router.

Yuqing Chen - CS Student

Neeraj Shodhan - CS Student