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Design Space Colonization (DSC)

DSC is an DARPA DSO -sponsored project, administered with the assistance of ONR, under the RaDEO program and is under Navy contract N00014096-1-0679.

DSC is part of the RaDEO Propulsion application group.


Project Summary (PDF)

Major Subprojects

In addition, PODS and ProcessLink are commonly supported by the infrastructure project ABE.

Executive Summary

Political, economic and technological forces are changing the landscape of engineering. There is an increasing need for organizations to form joint design and manufacturing teams that collaborate for the life of a project and then disperse. These teams need to quickly locate, evaluate and make effective use of the best resources (tools, facilities, people) available, wherever they may be found. In this proposal we concentrate on a subset of this problem that is most critical in the early stages of developing a product, when new ideas, processes, components and materials are being explored and prototypes are developed. We propose solutions that will enhance the ability of teams to exploit novel tools and processes for improving product performance and reducing costs, and to document their explorations for others to follow. In this way we believe that the slow cycle of exploration, maturation and widespread adoption that typically accompanies significant advances in materials and processing capabilities can be compressed from decades to years.

Contact Information

Co-PIs: Mark R. Cutkosky and Larry J. Leifer
Address: Center for Design Research,
                   Bldg 560 Panama St.,
                   Stanford University,
                   Stanford CA 94305-2232
phone #: 415-725-1588, secretary at 415-725-0158
fax #: 415-725-8475

Prime's team member names:
   Mark R. Cutkosky
   Larry J. Leifer
   Hisup Park
   Charles Petrie

Subcontractors: Pipeline Systems Analysis (PSA)
Technical Contact: George Toye
Phone:(415) 341-5857
Fax:(415) 341-1514

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