Java(tm) Agent Template, Version 0.3

Documentation for the Java(tm) Agent Template, Version 0.3

Copyright (c) 1995, H. Robert Frost, Stanford University. All rights reserved.

Copyright (c) 1996, H. Robert Frost, Enterprise Integration Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.

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If you are reading this you have either (1) downloaded and unpacked version 0.3 (Why 0.3 instead of 3.0?) of the Java Agent Template (JAT_0.3) or (2) you are browsing through the JAT website trying to decide whether you should download the JAT.

Current documentation includes a brief overview of the JAT, a set of instructions for quickly getting some JAT agents up and running, two example scenarios, more extensive architectural/functional descriptions for JAT developers (future documentation efforts will focus on these pages), the javadoc generated API pages and some information on support resources. I have tried to inline as much information as possible within the source code. Consequently, the API currently provides the most detailed and thorough source of documentation. I recommend that everyone first read the quick start documentation and then work through the two examples. I hope my efforts are not completely confusing and have some utility to the academic/industrial research community. Enjoy.