Java(tm) Agent Template, Version 0.3

Quick Start

This document provides instructions for quickly executing some JAT agents.

Execution Instructions:

  1. First, if you don't already have it, download the JDK 1.0.2. You can get it at JavaSoft's website.
  2. Next, download the Java(tm) Agent Template Version 0.3 distribution. Click here to download.
  3. Unpack the compressed tar file: "zcat JAT_0.3.tar.Z | tar xf -". This will create a directory titled JAT_0.3.
  4. Set the execution parameters:

    JAT agents require a set of execution parameters which can be provided via either applet parameters or commandline arguments. I have created a set of both C shell scripts and html pages for simplifying the excution process. (If you want to execute the agents from the commandline and are running this on either a 95, NT or MacOS machine you will have to either manually specify the args or create appropriate scripts.) You will need to modify both the html (contained in JAT_0.3/applet/) and script (contained in JAT_0.3/scripts/) files to provide the correct values for these parameters. (For Example 1, you will need to modify either the scripts or html pages for the "Agent" and "ANS" agents. For Example 2, modifications must be made to the files for the ServiceBroker, ServiceAgent, FDATAgent and ClientAgent agents). The following parameters must be set:

  5. Change to the JAT_0.3/scripts/ directory. Modify the env file to correctly set the CLASSPATH environment variable to include the JAT_0.3/classes directory.
  6. Modify the init_file to correctly specify the current host and port you want the ANS to communicate through. (For example 2, the FDAT agent needs a special init_file: FDAT_init_file).
  7. Execute an ANS and one or more Agents:

    To execute using the appletviewer:

    To execute as a stand alone application:

    See the Examples for more information.