Charles J. Petrie's Search Page

Search Engines

  • Google
    Extremely good results. A+ on precision. B+ on speed. B on recall. Stanford-based technology.
  • All The Web: powered by Yahoo - very good.
  • Findermind: links to 25 free people search engines. I tried KGBPeople and the Bing-powered search of Facebook failed to find my account. (Bing also downgrades me compared to Google.)
  • USA People Search: pretty amazing. But detail requires subscription.
  • Health Search
  • Google Blog Search
    What haven't they taken over?
  • DEX Yellow Pages
    Decent business search
  • ZabaSearch
    look for people
  • Highbeam
    Research topics
  • Google Scholar
    Google Scholar enables you to search specifically for scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports from all broad areas of research.
  • KartOO
    Yet to be tested.
  • AllTheWeb
    Extremely fast. A+ on speed. B on precision. B- on recall. From Dell.
    NO LONGER AVAILABLE A+ on recall. B+ on speed. C on precision. From Digital.
  • Ask Jeeves
    Fair general question answering.
  • WhoWhere?
    Find email addresses.
  • internet@address.finder
    Find email addresses.
  • Switchboard
    Search by first name and age.
  • GoHip!
    Combines search engines
  • FTP Search Tool
    Seach for filenames in FTP sites
  • Reference
    Stanford-based newsgroup and mailing list search.
  • Galaxy's Search Page
    Includes lots of quick references
  • Yahoo
    Search by category.
  • RBSE Spider
    Database of URLs compiled from big spider walking web.
  • Metacrawler
    Searches the search engines and Open Text) for you.
  • RankLink
    Ranks the importance/quality of pages.
  • MetaBot
    Applet using "Bot" to rank and filter.
  • Informant
    Dartmouth-based personal agent search - notifies of updates by URL or keyword.
  • FAB
    Stanford-based personal agent search.
  • Meridan Tech's Super Search
    Find links to your site. Look for email addresses. Find Newsgroups. Comprehensive.
  • diffAgent
    monitor websites for specific changes
  • Aqui
    Web linking utility
  • White Pages
  • Geographical list of WWW servers
    World-wide, with sensitive maps.
  • The Clearinghouse
    for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides - no longer available online
  • Career Search
    Help with finding a career for students.
  • Personalized News Services
    My Yhoo
    San Jose Mercury NewsHound