Open Street Map
Good alternative to Google
Austin area antenna TV listings
Bay Area Information
Events, maps, roads, city information
Wireless Node Map
Free 802.11b wireless node communities around the world.
See especially the overview, and
the Wireless Network Visualization Project
San Francisco Bay Area Wireless Community Project
Cheesebikini Free Wi-Fi Cafes in San Francisco
WI-FI Tools
Earthquake Reporting
the word-processor front-end for LaTeX
Interactive World Time Zone Map
World Time Zones
Or just the USA.
See also current times in major cities of the world
Syntax References
English Grammar - Jack Lynch
Rutgers Emacs Help Page
LaTeX 2.09 and LaTeX2e
Regular Expressions
HTML 4.0
Regular Expressions
Additional Logical Symbols in HTML
S.C. Locke HTML Symbol Test Page
W3C HTML/XHTML Activities
HTML tables tutorial
Copyright and Trademark Usage in HTML
Icon Catalog
English Words
Roget's Thesaurus
Merriam-Webster Online
The Free Dictionary
Wordsmyth Dictionary and Thesaurus
Encylopedia Britannica
Why buy? Because it's not free.
Must subscribe
Bartlett's Quotations
who said that?
Wikipedia The Internet Encyclopedia
How to get a Human on a Phone Tree
Stanford References
Paid Holidays
Registrar's Calendar, and the CS department calendar.
Stanford Socrates Library Search
Stanford Map
Select Building - zoom
Stanford WHOIS
official listings and updates - off-site public searches
Stanford Events
Stanford Virtual Directory
Campus listings, calendars, and resources
SOE Faculty Affairs
Forms and regulations.
Alphabetical List of Stanford Databases
Stanford Controller's Office
Disbursement and travel (they now use the Oanda currency converter on my utilities page.
Maps and routes
Google Maps
Maps, routes, and satelite photos.
MSN Image Finder
Finds pictures and maps
Yahoo map service
Type in street address.
World Map
with Latitudes and Longitudes - see also Maps and References
Northern California Park Maps
panoramic (360 degree) views of over 700 different places around Northern California.
International Calling Card Access
Phone and Postal Directories
Yellow and White Pages - Telephone Directories
Reverse Area Code
Put in area or country code - get georaphy
US Directory Assistance for both email and phone
AT&T Toll-Free 800 Directory
On-line shopping, sort of.
USPS Zip+4
Look up your complete zip code.
Texas Zip Codes
The Library of Congress
All US Govt. Servers
California Income Tax forms
Vital Records
Family Search
Cyndi's List
World Genealogy Web
Genealogy Homepage
Genealogy Portal
Library of Congress
Allen County Public Library
US Census
Immigrant Ships
Olive Tree
Ellis Island
Civil War Soldiers & Sailors
US Internet Genealogy Military
Natinoal Archives & Records
CiteSeer Research Index
Wine Spectator
Ratings of wineries and vintages.
Resouces and information.
Search/Browse for LISTSERV lists.
InterNIC Directory - now a part of Network Solutions, Now VeriSign
Whois, Netfind, other Internet resources.
Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Guides
Guide to the Guides.
Official California Legislative Information
Events, Bills, Legislature, and Law (know the code).
Motorola V60c Manual
Conference Announcements
By subject, maintained by Fraunhofer.
On-line newspapers and magazines
Includes other lists.
On-line Radio Stations
Includes some San Francisco stations.
Interesting Business Sites
Including Virtual Malls.
UC Berkeley Extension Catalog
Good courses but expensive.
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
In particular, see the national chapters of CHADD.