Fun/Interesting Sites

What We Call The News
Geeky news from Aetherton
Geeky news from all Geeks
Entropy Gradient Reversals
Chris Locke's missives
Ancient Sites
The web game is similar to those requiring CDROM on PCs.
The Laughing Squid
Burning Man-like madness
USS Renegade
United Federation of Planets Starfleet Registry NCC-63102
The Sarfatti Group
Post-quantum physics.
Total New York
Where New York hits the Net...
"call in" with your questions.
Top 25
Most popular sites on the web.
Cyber Yenta
Most fun date matching and entertainment recomendation service.
Hwy 17 Hall of Shame
Really bad driver of the day. No longer active.
ME210 Loft Camera
Control the camera - see the students work/play
Rock City
Advanced wildness - need latest PC software.
A Day in the Life of Cyberspace
A day of pictures from around the world.
Very cool - with an active agent.
Sin City
Web Home of Penn & Teller
Internet University
Good links for university lifestyle.
Peeping Tom Homepage
Live cameras all over the world.
The Spot
20 Something Soap - Interactive - See also American Cybercast
The Tele-Garden
You can water plants on the web (well, you can move the robot at least.)
DaimlerBenz Virtual Auto Mall
Customize your Mercedes.
BMW Germany and the US.
Less glitz - more functional descriptions.
Mozilla's Picks
The Netscape electic list.
The helpful and interesting newsletter from EINet MacWin
World Wide Multi- Media Magazine
Entertaining events in Northern California
(I was in the Keith Code motorcycle class.)
The Electric Postcard
Postcards via the web with graphics. See also Alan & Linda's Postcard Page .
Animated Electric Cards
from Blue Mountain
Free "click-n-drag" programming language software for kids.
Web Personals
Web Personals
Fraser Valley
Village Voice
Majon's CyberWorld
Maine Business