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DesignSpace is both an ongoing project and a prototype system implementation of the project's concepts at the Center for Design Research (CDR) of Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. The basic objective is to provide better access to models created for any design with spatial parameters. While DesignSpace currently focuses on the conceptual design of simple surface and solid geometric shapes used in mechanical design, we hope that any results of this work will be applicable to other design tasks when coupled with the appropriate tools.

Short list of slightly deeper discussions:

Supporting Projects

Projects supporting DesignSpace and related to the Virtual Space Exploration Lab, a loose association of CDR projects studying telepresence technologies.
TalkingGlove -- J. F. Kramer & L. Leifer

CutPlane -- L. J. Edwards, W. A. Kessler, & L. Leifer

VirtualHand -- W. L. Chapin & J. F. Kramer

TeleSign -- W. Chapin, C. Haas, J. Kramer, L. Leifer, & E. Macken

VirtualGrasp -- W. L. Chapin, J. F. Kramer, & L. Leifer


To date, DesignSpace has not been the beneficiary of any centralized point of sponsorship. The project has existed solely on the gracious support of time, equipment, and facilities by CDR and the following telepresence technology companies. We recognize that most all these companies are young and innovative enterprises, with their own commercial ambitions. The fact that all expended the time of the most innovative people with which we have worked to make special contributions in creating special equipment and software to help DesignSpace come to life is a tribute. Additionally, the sum total of equipment required to assemble a single demonstration of the DesignSpace system is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

List of equipment/technologies from sponsors of DesignSpace.

Past and Present DesignSpace Contributors

Current published summaries:

DesignSpace: an Exhibit of Developing Technologies for Design ,
( Abstract / Full Summary )
Anaheim, CA, 1-7 August 1993.
The summary is published in the Visual Proceedings.

DesignSpace: a Manual Interaction Environment of Computer Aided Design ,
( Abstract / Full Summary )
Boston, MA, 24-28 April 1994.
The summary is published in Human Factors In Computing Systems, the CHI'94 Conference Proceedings.

DesignSpace at CHI'94 DesignSpace was formally demonstrated and available for interactive experience at CHI'94 in Boston.

CHI'94 3D Interaction Workshop - Position Statement

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