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IEEE Computer, September, 2004 -- Biomimetic Robots

Article on biomimetic robots featuring the Sprawl family, including iSprawl along with other biomimetic robots and quotes from the various researchers involved.



Discover Magazine, July, 2004 -- The Biomechanics of . . . Cockroaches: Building the Perfect Pest

Article on Bob Full and the various biomimetic robots that he has been involved with, including the Sprawl robots.


iSprawl running outside

ScienCentral News, July 8, 2004 -- Roach Robots

Short piece on cockroach-inspired robots to accompany short TV piece. Includes footage of the new iSprawl robot and link to a video.


iSprawl running outside
[7MB Quicktime clip]

CBS Evening News, May 28 2003 -- Roach-Bot

Short piece on the robots and cockroaches. Mini-interviews with Mark Cutkosky and Bob Full.



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San Francisco Chronicle, May 19, 2003 -- Roaches today, robots tomorrow

Interview with Jonathan Clark and Mark Cutkosky



Stanford Report, March 12, 2003 -- Mimicking cockroaches' mechanical intelligence

Interview with Jonathan Clark and Trey McClung. Short video with Jonathan.



 Design News and Product Design, March 3, 2003 -- Engineering Students You'd Love to Hire

Featuring Emily Ma and PortaSprawl.



 Dave Barry, Nov. 3, 2002 -- Roaches 2.0: Now they're armed

A gratituitous reference to Sprawlita, (or maybe RHex :-) "In a related development, an escaped robot cockroach broke into an Oakland Wal-Mart and made off with an estimated 17,000 AA batteries."



de Agostini 2002 -- La Famiglia Sprawl: Vuoi conoscere tutti i membri della famiglia Sprawl, i simpatici insetti robotici?

Sprawlita draws inspiration from the scarafaggio (cockroach)



Robotslife.com, May 2003 -- Cockroachs will help build robots




Next@CNN Sept. 2002 -- Lowly roach inspires high-tech robotics

Another good overview of Bob Full's lab, the principles of insect locomotion, and the collaboration that has lead to Sprawlita and the Sprawlettes.



Download Quicktime clip (80MB)

Metropolis Magazine, August/Sept. 2002 -- Special section on
21 Great Design Ideas for the 21st Century

Biomimetic Design, as exemplified by Sprawlita, is Idea 4



New York Times, April 2002 -- Trade Secrets of the 6-Legged Set

Print and web article on Bob Full and Sprawlita.



ZDF Abenteuer Forschung March 2002 -- Für außergewöhnliche Einsätze
Robots: Humans of the Future? (German TV)



National Geographic, Oct. 2001 The Human Edge,

Prof. Full's work on cockroaches and geckos has inspired the design of robots like Sprawlita. Some cute footage...


   Download Quicktime clip (35 MB)

Technikart Magazine, Sept. 2001 -- Le Cafard qui valait 3 milliards

Amusing interview avec le professeur Mark Cutkosky regarding the origins of Sprawlita et les Sprawlettes.



U.C. Berkeley -- Unlocking the Secrets of Animal Locomotion

Nice web article on Bob Full, animal locomotion and robots that he has been involved with, including Sprawlita



Nature, June 2000, K. Autumn, et al., Adhesive force of a single gecko foot-hair, Vol. 405:681-685.



Quantum -- Australian Broadcasting Company, October 2000

Good introduction to Bob Full and the study of animal locomotion. Short section on Sprawlita and other bio-inspired legged robots.



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Robosapiens, by P. Menzel and F. D'Alusio, MIT Press, Nov 1999

A general audience book on robotics with many excellent color photographs. Includes a short section on Sprawl and MiniSprawl.