Java(tm) Agent Template

Java(tm) Agent Template

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The Java(tm) Agent Template, Version 0.3

This web page serves as a repository for information relating to the Java(tm) Agent Template (JAT) developed by Rob Frost at both the Center for Design Research and Enterprise Integration Technologies, Inc.

NOTE : JAT has not been supported for years and we strongly recommend to use JATLite unless there are special reasons. Refer to JAT and JATLite comparison table.

The JAT provides basic agent functionality packaged as a Java(tm) application. JAT agents can be executed as either applications or as applets via the appletviewer. Information exchange includes KQML messages, Java code and arbitrary files.

JAT 0.3 documenation

JAT 0.3 distribution.

Note: Read the LICENSE file for restrictions on use and distribution. Each copy of the distribution should be obtained using the html form, this ensures that we know where and how many copies of the code are in circulation. Filling out the form correctly also enables us to inform you of future updates.

Java and HotJava are trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc., and refer to Sun's Java programming language and HotJava broswer technologies. This Java(tm) Agent Template is not sponsored by or affiliated with Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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