This web page serves as a central directory for the ABE Research Group at Stanford University's Center for Design Research (CDR).

This group strives to bring a practical, application oriented approach to agent technology, in addition to making theoretical in-roads into this field. The majority of our current work is focussed on applying agent-based technology to the engineering design process -- design decision support, concurrent engineering and collaborative design.

The group typically meets every week during which the members present research results, seek advice and discuss relevant topics. The goal of the meeting is to help students achieve a better understanding of the theory and implementation of agent-based solutions to engineering problems.

For a quick overview of agent concepts, refer to the article Agent-Based Engineering, the Web, and Intelligence by Charles Petrie.

Here is a list of projects related to the ABE group. These projects are partially funded by the National Science Foundation, DARPA and CDR Industrial Partners.

A list of publications and articles authored by present and past members of this group is available here. Some of our recent and ongoing proposals are available here.

The beta-release of the Java Agent Template (JATLite V.0.4) is now available for download.
For comments or questions about its usage, first view the JAT hyper-mail archive and then send e-mail to

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For more information about the ABE group, contact:

Mike Binnard, (650)725-0161,
Sanjay Rajagopalan, (650)725-0160,
Maria Yang, (650)723-7909,